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Privacy window film, Tint Dynamix supplies and installs privacy window film including custom designs and sizes. The application is for commercial and residential use. The window film has numerous advantages ranging from the obvious privacy to eco friendly and energy efficient.

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Privacy window film has become a common sight is residential and commercial properties alike. The reason vary but it does answer the question of how to get privacy but still allow natural light to come in.

With technology in window film this has been achieved and came with some additional benefits. UV ray protection being one which filters out the harmful rays which means that your interior does not fade over time. Your furniture, wall paint and flooring, carpets, wood, vinyl and laminates are protected against these elements and keep their natural colour and beauty for longer.

In addition the privacy window film also affects how heat comes into, and out of the building. It allows for a more efficient energy usage, similar to that of roof insulation.

It also adds to the security of your home or office. Similar to smash and grab the window, when broken does not shatter into pieces and the film keeps the window intact. This is a deterrent for criminals and a safety measure should someone accidentally fall into the window.

Different Types of Privacy Window Films for Your Home and Office

privacy window film

Privacy window film comes in a multitude of variations like thicknesses, designs as well as shades. For example, there is a stained glass tint, etched glass tint, and frosted glass designs. You can choose the perfect one for your window according to your budget, need and compatibility with the home or office  interior. Other than the designs and varieties, the window tint can also be differentiated according to transparency such as see-through, single-way or in-between. The privacy window films are efficient enough to block visibility during the day and at night. The indoor lights can be on or off and it will still have the same effect.

Privacy window film is not only for windows as the name implies. The film is also used on glass doors, conference rooms, and shower enclosures. Even churches can benefit from using privacy film. What is important is to choose the right design for your home, office and church. Subtle design may work best for the office and church. You can be more creative and colorful when choosing privacy film for your home.

Unlike other types of commercial window tinting films, privacy window film does not have any adhesives. This means that the film does not contain any chemicals that might cause rashes or other health conditions. In addition to being safe, privacy films can be reused. This is very beneficial for homeowners who are conscious about protecting the environment as the privacy window film can be recycled. There are so many designs, colors and styles available, it is very easy to choose a privacy window tinting that matches the style and décor of any home or office.

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