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There are many different reasons for having your car windows tinted but the two main reasons are to keep out the harmful ultraviolet rays and secondly to try to prevent the smash and grab theft and damage to your car. A bonus is that it just looks good when done properly.

Car Window Tinting For Privacy

Tinted car windows give you a fair amount of privacy while inside your car. The same reason it is also known as smash and grab. The less someone on the outside can see the less they know of what is in your vehicle. You don’t want strangers looking into your car while standing at the traffic light. And this is especially true for females who are driving alone.

Glare Protection

When driving during the daytime there are instances when it becomes very difficult to see properly. This is due to the sun rays and the reflections caused. The glare irritates your eyes which causes you to have a less than optimal view of your surrounding and any dangers on the road. Car window tinting can help a lot by reducing the glare.

Skin Protection

It is a well known fact that constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is bad for your overall health. Constant exposure to the skin causes premature skin aging. While on average the normal person would spend at least around one hour per day in the car keeping out these harmful rays is a very good idea.

With car window tint the interior of the vehicle is protected from the ultraviolet rays. In addition it also protects the interior of the car itself, so the seats, dashboard and other parts of your car is not exposed and stays in good condition for longer.

Smash and Grab Security

The car window tint firstly protects you from prying eyes and the most dangerous areas are traffic lights where potential criminals are ready to pounce. The tint makes it difficult for them to see into the car. Then when they do attempt to break the window it will remain intact long enough to give you some time to react. It is an obvious way to keep yourself safe inside your vehicle.

Glass Protection

The car window tinting is a film that is attached to the window itself. You might have seen a car window breaking and this causes the window to shatter. Many people have been injured during car accidents and it can cause irreversible injuries. The window film keeps the window intact although it breaks but the glass does not shatter.

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